We have been very fortunate to have Anjalee work with our son, Dylan, for the past 9 years. Dylan is on the autistic spectrum. She has been his behaviorist in school and in his home program. I have worked with many behaviorists over the years and she is in a class all her own. This is why we have requested and debated over why she should remain as our son's behaviorist as he transitioned from elementary to middle school and from middle school and high school. There are two main reasons we hold Anjalee in such high regard. 
First, she is superior in developing programs, interacting with students, training staff and obtaining results! Dylan's programs are fluid, progressive and generalized. If something isn't working, she doesn't look at what Dylan can do differently, she looks at the program and all the variables and adjusts them quickly and methodically. Anjalee is highly educated in the CABAS (Comprehensive Application of Behavior Analysis to Schooling) methodology of Applied Behavior Analysis. This focuses on making education learner driven. This ABA philosophy makes all the difference in transforming students into independent, responsible and proactive adults. Our son has exceeded our expectations and Anjalee is responsible for navigating his social and academic development. 
The second reason we advocated for her services is because she is a true professional with a genuine attitude and approach. She earns the respect of the students, parents, teachers and school administrators. Anjalee has a reputation for delivering positive results in a kind and collaborative manner. Our hope is that she will be able to advance her exposure to a level that allows her to impact the educational system in New Jersey and beyond!    



-Melissa & Doug

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My son was diagnosed with mild to moderate autism at age 2.  He received home ABA services, peer modeling and one on one shadowing while in school.  He was making tremendous progress and then we hit a wall.  I saw numerous specialists at the time, attended workshops, and spoke with professionals who were highly regarded in the autism community.  The answer to my question of, "What's next?" was always met with the same answer...that my son seemed "fine" now.  There didn't seem to be a professional out there who knew what else to do for my son, but I knew there was so much more that needed to be tackled.  Fortunately, we were introduced to Dr. Nirgudkar and for the next six years, she lead a team of professionals whom she personally trained to work with my son in and out of school.  By the 7th grade, the middle school Child Study Team declassified my son.  Now, at age 15, my son is in a top student in all honors classes.  He is social, fun loving, funny, confident and completely indiscriminable from his peers.  It took cooperation from our school district, dedication at home, and some wonderful professionals to "save" our son.  None of this would have happened without Dr. Nirgudkar's expertise, dedication, determination, and perseverance.  I will forever be grateful that Dr. Nirgudkar came into our lives.

- Anonymous, Morris County

My son attended several “Fun Bunch” sessions through Behavior Analysts of New Jersey.  He loved going to each session and thought of the children in his group as his friends.  I found it to be a worthwhile experience for my child because it addressed the concerns I was observing and the struggles he was facing socially.  He was able to learn strategies and practice them in a safe and fun environment during his weekly sessions.

As a parent, I felt an overwhelming sense of relief to have discovered Behavior Analysts of New Jersey and Dr. A.  I knew my son was struggling, but my school did not provide the resources for him.  I felt lost and frustrated because I could not help my child when he was in such desperate need of intervention.  Dr. A. became my resource.  Not only did my child attend weekly sessions, but Dr. A. was always there to consult with me.  She was always willing to listen, help problem solve, and provide the guidance that I needed.  

At this time, my son does not attend Fun Bunch sessions because he is doing well.  He has learned valuable strategies to help him cope and function in his environment.  Although we do not see Dr. A. weekly, I know that I have made a valuable connection with her, and she will always be a resource for me. As soon as I met Dr. A., I knew that I had finally found that resource that I had been so desperately searching for. I am so very thankful for all that Dr. A. and her staff did for me and my son!

- T. M., Essex County